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I am a Mental Health Coach for Women based in Cambridge (UK) and I provide face to face as well as online sessions via zoom or other platforms. I specialise in helping Women with a wide range of concerns, such as Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress, Finding Their Direction in Life and more.  I have a Holistic Approach which means that I look at the whole person to see what is going on inside the Mind and the Body.

I have a qualification in Coaching and I have experience in coaching both men and women on their mental health concerns and relationship worries.  For a few years I ran a mums group called the Oasis Mums Group in London (UK).  The group was for mums who were not connecting to their communities due to having young children, but little support. The group offered a crèche, peer friendships and helpful emotional information and support.  In addition to this I was also a youth worker in Cambridge helping with a project where we supported teenage mothers to get back on their feet and back into education. The people that I have helped have managed to transform their lives into lives filled with purpose, focus, self-worth, self-love, positivity and motivation.  

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I am somewhat directive in my approach, but I believe that people know within themselves how to progress forward and that it is my role to help them find their way.

The first session with me is free.  It is important that you feel completely comfortable with me should you wish to continue with our sessions.  The first session will give you that opportunity. Follow on sessions are £45 per session during normal working hours.  I charge £50 after 6pm during the week and during the weekend.

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I look at the following 7 areas to see where there are any imbalances that need to be corrected.

1.            Self-Esteem

2.            Self-Awareness

3.            Relationships

4.            Childhood

5.            Environment

6.            Nutrition & Movement

7.            Presence

By uncovering the Imbalances in these areas, we can focus on bringing these back into alignment, so that optimal emotional health can be accomplished.  Bringing these areas back into balance is vital in combatting anxiety & depression, improving self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence, establishing healthy boundaries, finding life’s direction and developing empathic responses to others which will heal and enhance relationships.

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First Session is FREE

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm £45 per 1 hour session

Evenings from 6pm and weekends £50 per 1 hour session

Block payment with discount:

4 Sessions with 10% Discount - £160 (Normal Price £180)

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Let me share a little bit about me.  I came to the UK by myself when I was 18 and I had to navigate this sensitive time by myself.  Like a lot of other people there were many challenges along my path, such as suffering physical and emotional abuse, the loss of my first child, divorce, depression, insecurities, low self-esteem, anxiety and attachment issues to name a few. I learnt to not let these challenges get the better of me, but to use them as stepping stones to strength, resilience and real joy! 

I enjoy eating healthy, being in the outdoors and looking after my emotional and physical wellbeing as well as those of others.  I care about the people around me and I have a genuine concern for the people that enter my life needing my assistance.  If you meet with me you will be met by a warm, patient and understanding person who will want to know the whole you, so that we can get you onto the right path.

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At first when I met her I had self esteem issues, I was really unhappy and I also used food as a comfort; binge eating and feeling remorseful and guilty afterwards. After starting a journey with her, my life started changing, I recovered my self esteem, got my energy back to start projects that fulfilled my life, started taking an active role in my life to create the life I truly wanted. Today, I’m so grateful to say I no longer binge eat, I don’t feel urges to satisfy myself with food as I’m truly satisfied with what I have created in my life so far, and the journey is still long ahead. Talking with Hanli has made me feel empowered and stronger than ever. Has helped me changed limiting beliefs that used to hold me back to positive thoughts and a positive mindset that make me know that I can achieve anything in life with a good strategy, resilience, hard work and patience. I’m so grateful I can count with Hanli’s support, I would highly recommend her services to anyone that needs to change or improve in any way.

R Jean, United Kingdom

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Looking at my life I knew I needed help, the 6 week course of counselling with my GP achieved nothing. I tried a couple of private councillors unfortunately I didn't feel any better. I came across Hanli and discovered that it wasn't just a case of talking it was about looking at my life as a whole including my diet. Can't thank Hanli enough, I really feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel and my family relationships are now something I treasure. Thank you so much Hanli you have helped me to get my life back on track.

E Bressington , United Kingdom

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One of the best things I could ever do for myself, The therapy has help me through a difficult time and overcome obstacles I thought I could never do on my own. My Coach has been supportive and non judgemental which can be scary to bare all to a stranger. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling, no matter how small or big your problems are, Hanli will guide you through your journey.

J Shaw, United Kingdom

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